Mackenzie + Kyle

Kyle + Mackenzie-572

I want to start out by stating that all of these wonderful pictures are ashleywhitephoto. You can find her on instagram @ashleywhitephoto or visit her webpage here .


As a side note to all the people reading this blog, I generally meet my brides (and their families) at Panera. I mean, you get coffee, treats, free wifi and it’s an ideal location for all parties to meet. The home office is currently in disarray due to making room for baby Willow so that is definitely out of the question!


Anywho, when I first met Mackenzie and her mother at Panera, I instantly felt like I was part of the family.

Kyle + Mackenzie-659.jpg

You can see the genuine sweetness of this Mama in this photo! I also loved the sheer confidence they had in me to deliver their floral desires.


Kyle and Mackenzie got married at the Barn on Beaumont in Ringgold. It was the perfect setting for this couple to say, “I do.”

You can visit the webpage to this venue here .


Not only did this couple have a barn and field to utilize but they also got to play with the barn animals! A wedding AND furry friends?!

Everyone’s. Wedding. Goals.

Kyle + Mackenzie-297Kyle + Mackenzie-302Kyle + Mackenzie-305Kyle + Mackenzie-193Kyle + Mackenzie-9


Let’s get to my favorite part…. the flowers.

Kyle + Mackenzie-48Kyle + Mackenzie-53

The blush dresses were so sweet and reflected the Bride’s personality so well. The girls looked so beautiful and I’m in awe of how everything turned out!

Kyle + Mackenzie-63Kyle + Mackenzie-65

Gosh I love these! Once again, Ashley White Photos, y’all. The proof is in the pudding.



Let’s see this Bridal bouquet up close, shall we?

Kyle + Mackenzie-66Kyle + Mackenzie-113Kyle + Mackenzie-115Kyle + Mackenzie-334



Kyle’s getup was awesome, too! From the watch to the shoes, everything coordinated so well! I love seeing a couple’s vision finally come together!

Kyle + Mackenzie-315

All the guys looked so handsome

Kyle + Mackenzie-266Kyle + Mackenzie-248Kyle + Mackenzie-253



Kyle + Mackenzie-244

Love seeing the pinning process. Sometimes it’s awkward, sometimes its emotional, and sometimes it’s all fun and games.



I think everyone needs to witness this sweet moment so I’ll just leave it here..

Kyle + Mackenzie-498

Kyle + Mackenzie-497



Kyle + Mackenzie-511




And here they are as Mr. and Mrs. Barksdale, starting their “forever and always”

Kyle + Mackenzie-582

Do you know the couple? Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite moment of the wedding or the couple!

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  1. Oh my gosh Britteny!! Like this was the most perfect thing ever! Your little blog took my right back to my wedding day! You were beyond a joy to work with and very friendly yet professional! I’ve recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so! You are perfect! And this blog makes me so happy!! Thank you for making my day wonderful and come together with all of our flowers!


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