Colin & Taylor

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Where do I begin…

Let me just go ahead and say that all of the photos in this blog post are captured by the ever so talented Elisha Wooden with M&E Photography.

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I can’t even begin to explain how laid back Taylor was. Even the ridiculous thunderstorms and last minute change in ceremony space that day couldn’t wind her tight!

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I brought my mom along to help deliver and set up and, boy, was it a blast seeing familiar faces when you walk in! It’s one thing to see your Bride again but it’s an extra bonus to see special people helping the Bride on her wedding day. Such a small world!

Speaking of my mom… She pitches in a helping hand any time I ask her. She’s such a motivator and willing soul! I stress easily and she helps reassure me when the pressure is on! I love you, momma!

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Let’s talk about this barn door arbor for a second!

So the storms were insane on Taylor and Colin’s wedding day. We originally had the ceremony outside under the arbor at the venue. When I arrived and began to show Taylor her flowers for the first time, she casually said that the plans had changed and everything will be held inside. Hey, that works!

At this point, I meet Kris, owner of ┬áthe venue – The Barn at Drewia Hill. Y’all have GOT to check this beautiful place out! She’s taking apart pallet wood (while we introduce ourselves) and is building an arbor with it…. She is wonder woman! All the while remaining humble with her power tools. Our kind of woman!

FullSizeRender 8

We had planned on decorating the outdoor arbor with greenery only but we always pack up our extra flowers if we have any! This last minute change turned out better than we imagined! (Kris did an awesome job with her barn door arbor!)

Congratulations, Colin and Taylor Champagne! It was a true pleasure!

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