It’s Booking Season!🍾

Now that the holidays have passed and engagement season is mostly done, it is time for vendor booking. We kicked off  2017’s booking season with a local Wedding Expo to meet Brides and get a feel for 2017’s bridal tastes.


We tried to incorporate a little bit of everything with our booth to gain interest from a variety of brides. We used a gold frame and decorated it with colorful roses and greenery to appeal to the gals desiring photo props and fun wall decor.



We used an industrial farm table and dressed it up with a lush, greenery garland. We scattered David Austin garden roses and filler to appeal to our more natural brides desiring tons of greenery on their big day.



We kept loose, fresh flowers by the table so that brides can play and touch! It was totally interactive.

We encouraged each one to pick up a bouquet and feel like a bride – of course we want to build the excitement! We are excited for them, too! Although we didn’t capture the Brides holding and posing with our bouquets, we did capture the bouquets! We did a smaller bohemian-inspired bouquet using proteas and a variety of eucalyptus greens.



We chose to design a bouquet with a natural palette and incorporated the very famous olive branches.


We also designed a bright and colorful bouquet to keep our summer brides in mind!



The Southern Charm Wedding Expo was extremely successful. From meeting kind and unique brides and hearing their visions to meeting other inspired vendors, the day was an absolute blast! Let the 2017 weddings start flowing! Cheers, 2017 Brides!!

Ps: A super special thank you to my husband that has supported my dream/reality floral business. A thank you to my mom that helped me with my booth. A thank you to my Nana that sat with us the entire time of the expo. A thank you to my Grandaddy for helping me clean up and haul all of my goodies back home. 

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